Monthly Archives: June 2015

Four wheeled mobile robot with Raspberry Pi

June 28, 2015
Posted by Michał Drwięga

The wheeled mobile robot was made as my engineer project in 2013. The main reason why I build this platform was need to do tests of localization algorithms. The mobile platform can be used mainly in inspection tasks like a monitoring of some area. However, advanced sensory system of robot provides a significant universality. Moreover, […]

Two wheeled mobile robot for minisumo competition

June 8, 2015
Posted by Michał Drwięga

I want to show you a two wheeled mobile robot for minisumo competition. It was designed and made in 2011. Assumptions concerning the mechanical part of the robot: Length and height below 10 cm, mass below 500 g (minisumo category requirements). Set low the center of gravity of the robot. Drives based on two DC […]

The set of laboratory power supplies (0-30 V, 1 A and ATX)

June 7, 2015
Posted by Michał Drwięga

The presented set of power supplies was made in 2010 and it contains of two devices. One of them is my first electronics construction. The second one is modificated version of unused computer ATX power supply. The following article is focused on the first device what mean power supply with flexible voltage and maximum current […]

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